Don’t throw away the egg shell ! Here's why!

By now, you must be using egg by throwing shell of an egg in the garbage. You considered it waste, because the egg shell can’t be edible.

What's the secret of eggshell?

However, what you certainly didn’t know is that the egg shell is very nourishing and healing

It contains a lot of calcium, and it’s considered as the largest natural source of calcium, which is necessary for the bones and teeth.

In addition to calcium, egg shell is full of other micro elements - iron, copper, zinc, fluorine, phosphorus.

Recent research at the American institute has shown that the shells of eggs are full of protein that has the ability to mitigate and prevent further degradation of the joints. You may not be able to rejuvenate joints, but with the eggshell you will significantly slow the process of further damage of the joints.

How to take advantage of egg shell?

You will need only one ingredient - used egg shells.

In addition to calcium, egg shell is full of other micro elements - iron, copper, zinc, fluorine, phosphorus.

First, washed them well under water (no soap), put it in a container that can be heated and put it in a slightly heated oven. After 10-20 minutes (check that the eggshell crack under the fingers), remove the shell from the oven and with the assistance of the bottle, rolling pin or in a blender grind eggshells until they become dust. Egg shells are very easy to grind, if they have a nice dry. Shells should not become brown, because it means that they are too baked.

How to consume the dust from the egg shell?

Dust from egg shells is best to take in the morning, half a teaspoon to a full teaspoon mixed with smoothies, yogurt, fruit juice, oatmeal. It is best to add a few drops of lemon juice because vitamin C promotes better absorption of calcium.

The therapy with egg shells is excellent in cases of: allergy, anemia, blood cleansing and general strengthening of the organism.

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  1. Well, heck all of the eggs, cakes, brownies, I have had that had eggshells in it and it was actually very healthy... lol

  2. what about the risk of renal stone

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. The risk of kidney stones is possible, due to the presence of calcium. There are other types of food, even vegetable origin that can achieve the same effect. In any case, people who already have kidney problems, should themselves decide on the use of the egg shells. The right suggestion for sensitive people we could not give.