4 famous cocktails that you can make at home

If you like fun and cocktails, then you will certainly be interested to know the recipe for the famous cocktails, which also adored movie stars.

1. Bloody Mary

This red cocktail has a very unique taste, but once you try it, you'll love it!

coctail bloody mary
You will be required:

- 33 ml Vodka
- 75 ml of tomato juice
- Lemon juice
- A little Worcestershire sauce
- A little Tabasco sauce
- A little Salt
- A little pepper


Before you start to prepare coctail, make sure to good cool-down tomato juice and vodka, and then the first pour vodka into a shaker in which you have previously put 3 or 4 ice cubes; then add vodka over the tomato juice, then lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste, and drops of Worchester sauce . Shake all ingredients well in the closed shaker.

2. Cosmopolitan

cosmopolitan coctail
The combination of cranberry and vodka gives cocktail the special charm in an elegant martini glass!

You will be required:

- 30 ml Vodka
- 1 teaspoon of lime juice
- 15 ml "Cointreau"
- Cranberry juice or berries


In a shaker, pour the ingredients, add ice cubes and then shake it well. Strain drink into a glass where the cocktail is served. Add decoration in form of slices of lemon or maraschino cherry and serve.

3. Blue Lagoon

blue lagoon coctail

This is cocktail that will delight you with its beautiful shade of blue!

You will be required:

- 30 ml Vodka
- 10 ml lemon juice
- 20 ml Blue curacao
- 15 ml Sprite (coca cola)


It is very easy to make "Blue Lagoon" cocktail: mix all the above ingredients, except liquor "Blue Curacao" which should be added at the end.

Be sure to add ice to a cocktail after all ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Glass can be decorating in different ways, but the most widely decorated with lemon or lime.

4. Tequila Sunrise

tequila sunrise coctail
The combination of fiery red and sunny yellow color will attract you at the first sight!

You will be required:

- 45 ml tequila
- 15 ml grenadine
- Orange juice
- Pomegranate juice


Pour tequila into a glass over several ice cubes. Top up with orange juice and pomegranate, compared to 4: 1. At the end pour grenadine syrup. Syrup will settle to the bottom of the cup, by the way, creating the effect of sunrise. Decorate with a straw and a slice of lemon.

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