How to remove ants from home using 6 natural preparations?

Surely you happened to find yourself in the kitchen scene - column of ants, which focuses ranging from one to the other wall. Are they belonging to the house? Of course not, therefore they should be eliminated from the home with the use of the preparation that you can prepare yourself at home.

We bring you a few recipes for the preparation of natural resources for the destruction of ants from the house.

We bring you a few recipes for the preparation of natural resources for the destruction of ants from the house.

1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice with specific sweetness aroma, that ants really do not like and why they diverge when they encounter the smell of cinnamon.

In order to eliminate the ants out of the house, use the essential oil of cinnamon; apply the one to two drops of oil on places where the ants appear, and these are usually corners of the walls.

If using cinnamon powder, then we suggest another recipe for which you will be required to:

- 1 qt. (32 fl.oz.) of water
- Two tablespoons of cinnamon powder

Mix ingredients and pour into a bottle with a sprayer. Spray where ants congregate.

The third way is to sprinkle cinnamon powder as a line with the line of movement of ants. The ants will just disappear.

2. Lemon

Citric acid and other fruit acids that contain lemon, ants do not like and it repels them. The purpose is elimination of ants out of the house, and it is enough to sprayed critical places with lemon juice.

3. Vinegar

Miraculous vinegar can serve as a natural product in purpose of elimination ants from the house. Prepare a mixture of water and vinegar (2 parts vinegar and 1 part water). Spray the ants with this solution and they will be eliminated as uninvited guests.

4. Baking soda

For many effective effects of baking soda you've certainly already heard, but soda can be also use to remove the ants out of the house.

You need to put on a bit of paper some baking soda and sugar and put the paper in a place where the ants come out. In a few days, you'll notice dead ants.

5. Cayenne pepper

Chilli pepper powder is also one of the natural killer of ants. Apply it to a place where the ants appear, but make sure to be a place where children and pets will not be able to reach.

6. Corn Starch

Corn starch will serve as food for the ants, but not for long. When they ate corn starch they will begin to die, for the reason that they can not digest it.

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