How to prevent aging skin of the neck?

Skin on the neck is inevitably thicker than facial skin, but it does not mean that skin on the neck is more resistant to external influences and aging. On the contrary, skin of the neck is even more sensitive to the aging and appearing of wrinkles than the facial skin. The reason for this lies in a small number of oil glands in skin of the neck that produce the protective lipid layer, which gives the skin elasticity, suppleness and prevents drying out.

Additional factors that accelerate skin aging are direct effect of sunlight on the skin of the neck during the hot summer months, as well as the use of perfume and cosmetic body milk.

We should not forget that incorrect posture or improper posture of the head can accelerate the process of aging on skin of the neck.

We often spend time on a computer, when we head bent down, or while sleeping on the side we pulls head toward to chest. These are all positions that weaken the muscles of the neck and skin over time aging and become more relaxed and wrinkled, producing so called '' bags '' on the neck.

How to care for a skin of the neck?

1. Skin of the neck should be fostered as much as the skin of the face. Daily use of moisturizer for the face implies the application on the neck either. Therefore, whenever you apply a day or night cream to your face, feel free to rub the same cream on neck. This will also nurture and preserve strained neck and neck skin appearance.

2. During sun exposure, when the use of protective body cream with UV factor is frequently, apply the protective cream on skin of the neck and chest because they are also exposed to the effects of sun and radiation.

3. Once a week, do the peeling of neck with homemade nutrient masks, where you can use foods that you have in the kitchen - honey, banana, egg whites, corn starch, wheat bran, brewer's yeast, cooked and mashed potatoes. These entire natural masks will nourish the skin and give her the necessary ingredients to maintain vitality.

4. When sitting, walking, sleeping, or at any time do not forget to properly hold the head in a horizontal position. Avoid bending your head so that the chin touches your neck, as this will eventually affect the relaxation of skin, which will give the unsightly appearance and puffiness.

5. While you are sitting at your desk, do a couple of exercises for your neck that are simple and do not require space for exercise. It's enough to make a few moves of head to one shoulder and then the other, then the circular movements of the head, and moves forward and moves head back. Also try and trick with the tongue – close mouth, and then with circle movements touch your cheeks, then the hard palate and soft palate with tongue. You will feel how the neck muscles tightened.

6. To hide wrinkles and lines on the neck use creams which contain silicone, whose function is to tighten the skin? Also use creams that are appropriate for your skin type, and contain vitamin E, A, C, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, retinol and ceramides.

7. Massage the neck is also an important element in the preservation of healthy and taut skin of the neck. Massages are doing with the use of essential oils and up and down motions from the chest to the chin.

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