How to make small breasts bigger?

Women haven’t always been satisfied with their decolletage- some of them want to have bigger breasts, while others would want something smaller breasts than their natural.

We now write and give advice for women with small breasts in order to increase the visual appearance with clothing and fashion style.

Eight fashion advices for women with small breasts

1. Wear shirts with short sleeves

Throwing emphasis on uncovered shoulders and arms makes distractions from small breasts. Oval cut-out on the shirt and T-shirts with short sleeves will attract attention to the upper part of the body, but again small breasts will not be noticed.

2. Roll collar is ideal for women with small breasts

Women with large breasts generally avoid wearing sleeveless shirts that have collars rolls. This model would perfectly suit women with small breasts, because they will certainly fit nicely.

3. Choose the right color of clothes

When choosing colors of clothing for women with small breasts, it is recommended that both light and strong colors can be wearable, depending on whether it has something to hide or to increase. For women with small breasts, shirts and dresses in white will fit nice.

4. Do you like wide shirts?

If you like swaying style where the clothes are not pressed against the body, then choose some floral designs dresses and shirts that will distract view from small breasts.

5. Highlight your slim waist

Maybe you have small breasts, but slim waist is what sets you apart. Take advantage of it and turn their attention to the waist and away from to the upper part of body. Advice to you - wear wide belts to emphasize the waist.

6. Evening dress appearance

Women with small breasts are often in a dilemma in choosing evening dress. For them is recommend dresses with open backs, dresses that are tied around the neck and dresses that have covered the upper part.

7. Knitted sweaters are ideal for you

Women who have large breasts will surely envy on this possibility. Sweaters with longitudinal tracery will make breasts bigger and narrow and clinging sweaters will reduce chest.

8. Avoid dress flap

This type of dress is not recommended for women with small breasts, because it further emphasizes their small size. Thus type of dress suits more to women with exuberant chest.

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