5 ways how to use banana peel

Sweet tropical fruit with yellow color everyone knows as favorite banana. We eat banana for breakfast, for a snack, to compensate energy and to feed body with healthy nutrients.

To take fully advantage of all the benefits of banana, read about 6 ways how to take advantage that banana offers.

1. Bananas against mosquito bites

The peel of the banana is effective in insect bites, and it is enough to rub a banana peel over part of the skin which is enveloped in an insect bite. You will notice that itching, swelling and pain disappear. This natural method of relive mosquito bites you can use during the summer.

2. Eliminate Acne with banana

Internal peel of banana is ideal for a gentle exfoliating of facial skin and will not irritate the affected skin with acne. Even more, the banana will soothe inflammation and redness that create acne.

3. Viral warts and banana

If you have a viral warts on fingers or hands, it is enough to put a small piece of banana peel on them and sealing over with patch. Allow to spend the night so in the morning remove the patch. This process of putting banana peel on the wart has to be repeated until the wart is not dry.

4. Banana is a natural anti aging

Banana peel is sufficient for this treatment – with inner peel of the banana grease skin affected with wrinkles, especially around the eye area. Banana contains nutrients which will nourish the skin and make it soft and toned.

5. Peel of the banana for brighter stuffs

Banana peel, you can use to restore the splendour of objects of silver or leather shoes. Just polished them with inner peel of banana, and when peel becomes brown, use dry cloth for final polish of silver objects.

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