How to make natural remedies against hair loss?

Change of seasons, hormonal status of the organism, poor diet, deficiency of minerals and vitamins, stress are the possible causes for smaller or greater hair loss.

If you have a problem with hair loss, it is best to resort to natural treatment and prepare some of the natural, healthy hair masks.

1. Nettle is a natural tonic for hair

Nettle is a herb that prevents hair loss, strengthens hair roots, gives the hair a darker pigment and makes it healthy. It can be preparing nettle tea as follows:

- 2 handfuls of fresh / dry nettle
- 5 cups water

In a saucepan with water put nettles and leave on the fire to boil. After that, remove from heat and leave to cool. Then strain through a strainer, in a bowl or glass whatever suits you and wash your hair every day with this liquid. The results can notice after 7 days of use.

2. Eggs

Egg yolk is rich in protein and vitamins that will nourish your hair , revive it, strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair fall intensified.

You will need 1 egg yolk, which will whisk with a spoon of castor oil. The mass apply to dry hair and massage well into the hair roots. Then curl your hair in a towel, to the mass of the egg and oil heated.

Hair mask of eggs and oil needs to stand on head for at least three hours, after which the hair regularly washes.

This treatment for hair loss can be performed once a week.


3. The recipe for hair loss with horseradish

For this recipe you will need 1 root of horseradish and 1 cup of red wine. Horseradish grate finely, put in a jar and cover with wine. Close the jar and leave to stand for seven days.

After seven days, the natural product is stored for use. In the evening rub this paste into dry hair and do not rinse it immediately, but in the morning. The treatment is administered daily for a month.

4. Honey + Cinnamon + olive oil

These three ingredients you will need to create a natural mask against hair loss. Mix all ingredients together and apply on the hair. It is necessary to stand on the hair for 15 minutes, after which the hair washes.

5. Aromatherapy for health hair

Essential oils of jojoba, oil of grape seed oil, thyme, rosemary, lavender oil, are managed effectively in preventing increased hair loss. Just put drop or two of some of the essential oils on finger and massage into threads and hair roots each night.

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