How to visually enlarge the lips?

If you belong to the group of women who would like to have fuller lips, then read a couple of beauty tips and trick to increase thin lips.

1. White Pencil

White visually increases and gives fullness, and that’s why the white lip pencil is true salvation. Before applying lipstick, outline the lips with a white pencil and try to get over a bit of natural edges of your lips. This will visually increase them. After that, you can apply your favourite lip color lipstick.

2. Lip Shine

Lip gloss in a neutral color, translucent, pale pink or without color will certainly increase the thin lips. Nourished lips, which are not chapped, will shine, and lip gloss will give freshness and brilliance seems fuller lips.


3. Scrub lips

Chapped Lips, with the changed color, are unsightly and are not suitable for applying makeup. To counteract this, do a quick scrub lips with coconut oil combined with Soda. It is enough to apply this paste on the lips and rubbing the skin off that is dead. Lips will once again be nourished and ready for makeup.

4. Choose the right shade of lipstick

If you have thin and inconspicuous lips, you can not use red shades and matte lipsticks. For you are planned colours like paint apricot, pink shades and pearly lipstick, because it increases the lips and give the appearance of full lips.

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