How to cure a headache in 6 ways?

Before you get hold of your head, check, perhaps you head does not hurt. A little humour to begin with, because laughter is the cure and for headaches.

We bring you 6 ways to avoid taking medicines for headache and turn to some general principles, which may not cure severe headache, but can significantly alleviate headaches of less intensity.


1. Massage the acupressure points

Acupressure points responsible for remove working headaches are located between the thumb and forefinger. With slow movements press and massage in circular motions this point about half a minute. Repeat the procedure after a few minutes break.

2. Put coverings on head 

Linings can be soaked in water (cold compress) or heated, depending on the particular tastes. For some people, the pain of headaches remove wet towels, while for others helps more heated towels and wrapped the head in order to further heat up.

3. Drink enough fluids

Did you know that headaches can be caused by dehydration, i.e., inadequate intake of water? Be sure to people who have low blood pressure or headaches consume sufficient quantities of pure and natural water.

4. Spreads head with essential oils

Fragrant scents of essential oils will make the pain disappear, and in addition will refresh and restore, reduce nausea and vomiting that occurs with headaches.

It is best in circular movements to apply a drop of mint oil on the temples and gently massaged. Also you can put and below the nostrils, so that you breathed. Lavender oil also helps with in the treatment of headaches.

5. Drink herbal teas with caffeine

Black tea and tea of rosemary contain a lot of caffeine and helps in improving the blood circulation in the brain, causing a headaches decrease.

6. Natural remedies for headache

If you prefer natural remedies, then you should know that potatoes and cabbage have healing powers with headaches. It is enough to burn the fresh potato in slices or take leaves of fresh cabbage and put it on your forehead. Do the head with foil, then a towel or a scarf for better warming.

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