How to clean the iron?

Iron each of us used to ironing clothes after washing. Over time lower heating plates of the iron damages and deposits are created.


To iron be much longer in the use, it is necessary to periodically clean the lower heating plate of the iron. How to do that?

1. When you finish ironing, switch still hot iron through wet towels or aluminium foil.

2. With iron hover over a soft cloth to which you put coarse sea salt crystals. Cross over several times with hot iron over salt crystals until pulverized. In this way, the soleplate of the iron is mechanically cleaned.

3. Toothpaste can be used when cleaning the iron. Apply a little toothpaste on the heating plate, which is cold and with the toothbrush good rub. After that, clean the iron with wet cloth.

4. In the cleaning of the heating plate of the iron application found and the miraculous soda. It is enough to apply baking soda to hot plate and rub it with towel.

Apply one of these 4 tips for cleaning irons, and your iron will still be in operation. This will in addition to the longevity of your iron, ensure the protection of fine fabrics whose folds it flat.

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